Whatever you eat and your daily workout regime is interrelated in short weight loss, diet and exercise all are connected with a healthy lifestyle is customized appropriately. Some people say that they do exercise daily yet they are not getting desired results so for the answer lies in their consumption plate i.e. what they eat and how much? This is an important question to be asked to ourselves if you are on weight loss journey.

It’s said to think before you eat and it should be according to your daily activity. Suppose you take 1500 calories your daily activities should burn 2000 calories i.e. a deficit of 500Kcal will bring you desired results though it should depend on your body type, age, sex, etc.

#Note:  Get a BMI Index done. By this, you will be able to know what should be your ideal weight. Like I am 27, and my height is 5’5, weight is 62kg, and my BMI says it should be between 57kg to 65kg though my target is to achieve 57Kg. This will not only motivate you but will also help you in knowing your dietary needs.

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This meal plan is targeted between 1600 to 1800 calorie and is a vegetarian/non-vegetarian Indian diet so that you could manage it all from your kitchen and there will be no need to get down to the grocery store to buy any special dietary supplements.


1800 calorie Indian diet plan


1st Option: 1 bowl poha/ upma, 1 glass skimmed milk/ 1 glass veggie juice, 1 fruit, ½ bowl vegetables (optional)

2nd Option: 1 glass skimmed milk, ½ cup corn flakes, 1 fruit, 1 vegetable sandwich.

3rd Option: 2 brown pieces of bread with peanut butter, 1 fruit, 1 glass veggie juice.

4th Option: 2 boiled eggs/ scrambled eggs (egg white), 1 vegetable juice, 1 fruit, 2 brown bread.

5th Option: 2 roti, ½ bowl vegetable, 1 fruit, ½ bowl curd.


Lunch/ Dinner (Choose any two options-one for lunch and one for dinner)-

1st Option: 4 roti, 1 cup dal, 1 cup vegetable.

2nd Option: 3 roti, ½ steamed rice,  1 bowl dal, 1 bowl vegetable.

3rd Option: 2 roti, 1 bowl rice, 1 bowl vegetable, 1 bowl dal.

4th Option: 3 slices of brown bread, 1 bowl vegetable soup, 1 bowl sprouts,  ½ bowl curd or 1 veggie cutlet.

5th Option: 2 roti, 1 part chicken breast/ 2 egg curry, ½ bowl brown rice.

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Things to remember while weight loss:

  • This is an estimated diet Indian plan for 1600 to 1800 calorie depending on portion size.
  • If you have a habit of eating 4 times a day, this should include evening and mid snacks too.
  • Do not skip meals.
  • Do not take oil more than 4 tbsp a day.
  • Eat breakfast in an hour after you wake up.
  • Take a balanced meal.
  • Do not lay down after eating.
  • Combine this with a little exercise.
  • Drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water in a day.
  • No processed foods, junk foods, and sugary foods during this plan.
  • If you are a hardcore nonvegetarian substitute dal with 2 piece chicken legs/breast or 2 pieces of fish/ eggs.
  • No fruit juices. Take it wholesome.
  • Reduce starchy veggies likes peas and potato.
  • Take standard bowls and roti sizes to measure your intake in a proper manner.

Hope this simple, small and healthy 1800 Calorie meal plan for weight loss will work for you. If you have any queries leave a comment below or feel free to contact us, and we will try to solve your queries. If you are looking for a 1200 calorie meal plan, visit 1200 calorie Indian diet plan.


  1. Hello sir.

    Recently I quit drinking from past 25 days and started 1800 calorie plan with 4km jalk in morning and 3km walk in evening. In between i am cycling, making myself see that moving. Presently i am 96kg, 43y, 6ft. Would like to attain 86kg in next 3 month’s. Kindly suggest. Tq


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