In the present scenario, you can see people opting for weight control diet, weight loss programs, and health rules for kids, health rules to live by, the rules of good health, healthy eating rules to live by and searching for various health and wellness program and alternative methods for amazing health.

However, people spend money on these health packages instead of following simple rules for amazing health, which are now snub due to changing lifestyle. You may search the web for amazing health products and amazing health magazines. Nevertheless, it is advisable to follow the below mentioned five simple rules for amazing health.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water Daily

Water is the elixir of life, and the more you drink water, the better will be your health. Drinking a minimum of 6 liters of water daily will prevent you from constipation, better skin care, and good for your kidneys and totally refresh your body by secreting dirt and other fluids from your body naturally.

  • You can drink water instead of drink carbonated beverages.
  • About 1-2 liters of water you intake through culinary, food you eat and tea or coffee you drink daily. Rest of the 4 liters of water you have to drink by giving a gap of 2 hours or whenever you feel thirsty.

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  1. Physical Exercise

Doing physical exercise daily for at least 2 hours will keep you, fit for the day and regularly you do this will benefit you for an overall health benefit. This will keep you looking young even at an older age. This will boost your self-esteem, which will bring a very positive attitude towards your life and is the best policy for healthy living.

  • Early morning brisk walk for an hour is a must for all.
  • Warm-up before you do, any physical exercise.
  • You must do physical exercise and walk with an empty


  1. Yoga

Yoga is an Indian practice of wellbeing since the ancient times. This is basically the holding and locking of the body in various postures, which will stimulate organs and keep them active and bring longevity. There are many types of Yoga, which can cure and prevent some diseases.

  • Yoga needs special vegetarian diet and diet plan as per the Yogasan you may do for a day or week time.
  • You must not smoke and drink alcohol while practicing Yoga for the overall well-being of your mind and body.
  • Early morning Yoga practice with an empty stomach will bring amazing health benefits.

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  1. Eat Protein Rich Food

The proteins you consume has a vital role in contributing to overall health. It is advisable to consume those foods, which are rich in proteins. By consuming protein rich food, you can be fit and will not become obese or fat.

  • It is advisable to consume vegetable proteins.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, it will be the best to consume seafood.


  1. Sleep at least for 8 hours Daily

Sleep daily during the night-time will keep you healthy. The 2 am to 5 am is the time when your body repairs the damaged cells and produce new cells.

  • If you are working in odd hours, it is advisable to sleep at least for 10-hours in daytime.
  • Never take sleeping pills for the sake to sleep for longer hours.


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