During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes mostly hormonal. These hormonal changes are linked with the oral health and slight imbalance can cause gum infections which may, in turn, affect baby’s development.

Below are a few Oral Health tips that need to be followed and taken care of before, during and after pregnancy.

When you are expecting a baby: It is always better to take precautionary measures rather than suffering from gum related problems after pregnancy, when you are expecting a baby better to go for a precautionary dental check up professionally to avoid any problems in future.

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During Pregnancy:

  • Inform your dentist beforehand, if you are pregnant and go for regular dental procedures, which again require some medical attention for a longer duration. Better take a suggestion from your obstetrician as well, whether any more precautions needs to be taken in case of emergency for your oral health.
  • Make sure you inform your dentist in advance about your prescribed medicines and perinatal which are being taken as part of your regular course during pregnancy. This may allow him/her to alter the medication to be given to you in the case of any concern towards your oral health.
  • Dental X-rays during pregnancy needs to be with utmost care. Anyhow your dentist will be well aware to protect your body and to safeguard your baby and your health.
  • It is recommended to go for a regular dental check up and no to skip the same, as it is vital for your health and which indirectly affects your baby’s health. Pregnant ladies are more prone to Periodontal diseases (gum related diseases) due to fluctuations in hormonal levels in their body during that key time. For tender gums, they are subjected to the further infection called “Gingivitis” that can cause gum bleeding and pain. It is better to stay alert enough about your oral health when you are facing some gum bleeding and sensitivity near your gums, immediately visit your dentist.

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  • Better to follow “Good oral hygiene” practices to minimize problems linked with oral hygiene.
  • Morning sickness: If there is anything that could keep a pregnant woman from brushing teeth, then it is “Morning sickness”. If this is the case, then it is better to change your toothpaste which has a better taste. You can simply ask your dentist to recommend some good paste for your condition.
  • In the case of morning sickness and a tendency of vomiting, rinse your with water for the betterment of the condition.

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  • Also, a healthy and balanced diet can impact your baby’s health too. The first 3 months of pregnancy is the key developmental stage for the baby, the formation of teeth, gum and mouth happen during the first three months only. A healthy diet that includes  cheese, yogurt etc can really help the development of baby’s vital organs.

After pregnancy:  After successfully you had your baby, make sure to check with your dentist for any pre-existing or existing periodontal problems thoroughly.



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