Ask yourself which is the best place to lose weight?

Wait, I know you are going to say gym, right! Where you are going to have your personal trainer who is going to make you do abs and crunches, and you will lose weight.


Maybe cycling, jumping, skipping rope, running is the answer of those who do not prefer gym. And if it’s not this, it’s definitely in the kitchen making healthy weight loss recipes, right.

Huff! No guys, you all are wrong because easy and definite weight loss secret lies in your bedroom where you take a blissful sleep.

But I am not telling you to be a lazy bee and lean in bed for hours. It is proved in latest studies that if you don’t take proper sleep then whether you cut down your calories, go for gym or any high-intensity workout it won’t lead you to achieve your weight loss goals. About 55% of weight loss is curbed if you take a sub-par sleep. But little changes can surely lead you to achieve final weight loss which you desire.

  1. Give snooze because it’s still due: When you sleep two of your body initial hormones Ghrelin and Leptin gets secreted in which Leptin regulates your body, curbs hunger, keep appetite low and vice versa for Ghrelin. Therefore when you sleep more ghrelin is suppressed, and leptin is increased, and the reverse is the situation if you sleep improperly.
  1. Get a cup of Tea: Generally, people have a habit of eating at night it’s better if you switch to green tea, ginger tea or black tea which suppresses hunger and increases metabolism.  Some people prefer drinking lemon water before bed for weight loss, which again is a good idea. Remember not to take sugar and milk tea at night.
  1. Go for protein rich diet: Better go for turkey, chicken breast or a fish which is high in amino acids which help in proper sleep and curbs cravings at night.
  1. Cottage cheese, Say yes: If you are a vegetarian, then you can opt for cottage cheese at night with a bowl of veggies which will make your stomach full and won’t get accumulated. The reason for eating this is if you try to fall asleep empty stomach it will be difficult, and you may end up getting in the night around 3 am due to hunger.
  1. Create a routine: Better create a routine for your peaceful sleep for this you may follow the same routine an hour before your sleep that will trigger healthy sleep in few days. Like you can read a book before an hour or can listen to some soft music.
  1. Observe strict kitchen hours: You may close your kitchen early due to which you feel hungry at night. It is seen that people take more calories and high-fat food so that they do not feel hungry late at night which causes fat accumulation. Better to eat at regular intervals according to your routine and if you have taken a snack at 6 pm you can eat at 9 pm to just check on what you eat, that’s it.
  1. Just relax: Some people make in mind that they have to get up at 6 am in the morning, and due to which they get up at 1 am, 3 am, 4 am just to check the alarm clock and disturbs their sleep. Why do this, you just be calm after all alarm is there to wake you up right.
  1. Take a 20-minute break: If you go to bed and you are not able to get sleep watch cricket or listen to music either take a short walk, and you will feel sleepy.


  1. Get protein shakes: Researchers found that protein shakes are full of fibers which are digested by our body by burning few more calories and if you take them you won’t feel hungry as they are fuller in nature.
  1. Get body weights: It doesn’t mean that you can do dumbbells only in the morning rather you can work out little before going to bed too. Do squats, pushups whatever you like. Remember the end target is to lose weight.
  1. Get to-do list: Make a list before and organize your day so that these things do not run on your mind restricting you to sleep 8 hours in a day. Create a reminder in your mobile so that you don’t have to watch the clock again and again.
  1. Get shower: If the day is hot or you had a hard work day in your office get a shower, this will help relax your muscles, body and release stress that will trigger good sleep.
  1. Get Mint: Yes, peppermints are proven in curbing appetite and cravings for sugary foods. If you feel like eating chew some mint that will suppress that food quotient.
  1. Switch off the lights: It is seen that sleeping in darkest place can get you healthy and in time sleep.
  1. Eat pepper: Eating pepper helps you burn calories, and it can be added to your meals. Especially add them at you night snack.

Wrap Up

So, next time you go to sleep use these above tricks so that you don’t disturb your sleep as rather being good for health it also ensures that you lose weight.

I know you love your bed more now. So don’t wait just take a nap!

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