Diet and lifestyle impact health of any individual and this is true in every aspect. It was also found that people having ups and downs in their regular lifestyle and diet tend to be prone to obesity disorders. But it is also a matter of surprise to know that, lifestyle and diet impact aging phenomena as per study made by mayo clinic. As they say, what we eat and how we live will seriously impact the process of aging.

Link between lifestyle, diet, and aging:

Mayo clinic has conducted these studies upon senescent cells. The study was conducted with the background of basic life phenomena of cell biology. Where, each and every cell undergoes division as part of its life cycle and at the same time undergoes damage and immediate repair. But after a certain period or intervals of frequent damages, cell stop the repair mechanism the cells undergo death or a senescent stage, which is a dormant stage.

The senescent stage cells stop dividing and start to deteriorate. These dying cells are involved in many disorders like arthritis, Progeria, Werner’s syndrome that seriously affects health and growth of the person.

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Researchers from Mayo clinic have tested the aging phenomena that are linked to diet and lifestyle. Mice were fed with Healthy diet and fast food diet along with varied physical activities for the different mice. The results were astonishing, as the mice that took fast food diet, showed an abnormal increase of body fat at alarming rates. When all kinds of mice were tested for exercise, the mice that had fast food diet improved very much in their body mass health.

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So, the results suggested the fact that, a proper diet will obviously have effective combat against senescent cells. Whereas mice that underwent proper exercise, even under fast food diet, showed resistance towards the development of senescent cells.


Get up:

If you are reading this, then definitely you are feeling related with yourself. But it will be of no use in reading and realizing, instead bringing your best diet plans and workout plans into action. Definitely, we are not rats to get fed with what it gets to us and be lazy, we are humans and have a choice to make between right or wrong.


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