Diet is the key factor of anyone’s life and controlling the same is equally important. There is a misconception in most cases about diet controlling as considered to be fasting. But fasting and diet control is as opposite as north pole and south pole. Here the whole point is about controlling the diet, which happens only by intake of regular food that contains all the ingredients needed. Ingredients that not only nourish one’s body but also detoxicate unnecessary wastes and residuals out from the body.

So, there are various kinds of diet that can be taken to stay healthy and also stay away from sudden chronic failures in the body. A study in the US states that many individuals die of sudden heart diseases despite advanced technology available for treating them. It also states that lack of proper diet intake and exercise may lead to many complications.

But to make sure to have a smooth run of life there are 7 ‘NOT TO MISS’ diets that can impact your health in a positive way.

Flax seeds for healthy heart

Flax seeds: The Canadian Journal of Cardiology published a paper saying that flax seeds consist of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that belong to Omega-3 Fatty acids. “ALA” is found to be involved in decreasing the cardiovascular diseases. omega -3s like ALA help in helping contraction, relaxation of artery walls and produce hormones for blood clotting. As these are essential fats, and the body cannot produce them on its own, it is essential to take omega-3’s in the diet.

Oats for healthy heart

Oats: Iron and fiber are needed for the key metabolic processes of the body, oats are found to be the strong sources of both of them as reported by American Heart Association. They say that oats store houses of whole grains, rich nutrients, iron, and fiber. Fiber helps in letting out excessive fat and cholesterol out of the body before it chokes the arteries. Oxygen makes sure oxygen supplies are sufficient to the tissues inside.

Dark chocolate for healthy heartDark Chocolate: From many recent discoveries, it is evident that chocolate can cause many benefits to one’s health. Cleveland Clinic stated that cocoa beans consist of vital antioxidants that can help cells in the body to act against damaged caused by free radicals. It is also observed that flavonoids improve blood circulation to the heart. It is found to be riskier for not taking less chocolate that can decrease health risks drastically. Dark chocolate is the best source for nutritional value in the modern foods.Red Wine for healthy heart

Red wine: Alcohol, may harm one’s health, but as per a review in 2004 consumption of wine in medium levels can benefit the heart. Even more, deeper research proved a fall of 40% risk of heart stroke for consuming two glasses of wine per day. Researchers from Mayo clinic state that the benefits of wine can be attributed to antioxidants present in it. As antioxidants play a key role in increasing good cholesterol levels and thereby decreasing heart diseases. But as far as the consumption is limited red wine is equal to medicine for having a healthy heart.

avocado for healthy heart

Avocado: Avocado has been one of the most targeted fruits that need to be immediately consumed for numerous health benefits. Avocado fruit, by its nature stores unsaturated fats, vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals which all together strengthen the cardiovascular health of the individual. Due to the presence of beta-sitosterol avocado helps to maintain good cholesterol levels.

berries for healthy heart

Berries: Berries, were proven as best diet source that can decrease heart-related diseases by 34%. Harvard Health Publications study showed that females who ate blueberries and strawberries continuously for 18 years course were observed with less risk for heart diseases. A quantity of around half a cup in a spell of 3 times a week, proven as a good helper in saving one from heart disorders. But, the studies were conducted among females only, but there would be a positive effect for men as well. It is better to add berries to diet to have better benefits.

almonds for healthy heart

Almonds: Almonds are obvious sources of a great amount of proteins that can work well for the heart. One of the rare food items allowed to be eaten in mid-night is almond. With essential vitamins, biotin, fiber aid healthy digestion. Recently mayo clinic said that almonds are a decent source for healthy fats to improve cholesterol. Just carrying a handful of almonds can delight you and save you at the same time in a single shot.


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