Since ancient time Yoga’s were practiced to keep one’s body and soul healthy. Yoga is the best form of meditation which relieves you from stress, obesity, and many diseases.

“Yoga is the journey of self, through the self, to the self.” – Bhagvat Gita

What is Yoga?

It’s all about stretching your body and performing the different type of yoga asanas which are very effective. If you want a long term benefit yoga should be practiced daily, and one should be patient towards this.

Yoga can be executed by anyone and everyone in spite of age, gender and religion. India was the first country from which this form was generated, and now after so many decades, its importance is now noticed by many countries.

You can perform yoga at any time though it has been said that if it is done before sunrise it has significant impacts on our body and you stay fit and energetic the whole day.

If you are a beginner and are looking out for Yoga Asanas to start with, then we have accumulated the best yoga poses which will be beneficial for you whether you want to reduce your weight or get relaxed. All are there in our pot.


20 Best Different Types of Yoga Asanas and their Benefits (Especially for beginners):

  1. Kapalbhati: Kapalbhati pranayama is the easiest one and is recommended for digestive issues. It helps in enhancing your metabolism, cures indigestion and ultimately reduces weight. This asana is a breathing exercise which can be done 5 minutes or more daily once you get used to it. It has many benefits like curing asthma, lungs disorders, diabetes, acidity, constipation, sinus, hair loss and much more.
  1. Slow neck stretches: This one is the basic and can be said as a warm up exercise where you need to move your head slowly in one direction then another. This asana removes pain and stress from your body. This pose is good for all and can be performed anywhere, so if you are in office and feels drained do this.
  1. Tadasana: Also known as mountain pose is right to increase height and a great massage to your hands, legs. It also helps to flatten your belly. So practice it daily morning to start your day in an energetic way.

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  1. Trikonasana: This pose is also known as Triangle pose includes elongating your body muscles through which body functions in a sound manner. Many yoga asanas are not recommended for pregnant women, but this one is good for them as this helps them to reduce anxiety, stress and blood pressure. This asana is also a memory booster and helps control thighs and waist size.
  1. Dhanurasana: Planning to lose your weight then start with this yoga pose. It helps you in belly size reduction and make your spinal cord, ankles and other body parts healthy. It’s not only a stress buster but also provides flexibility to the backbone. Overall a complete asana for a proper functioning of organs like kidney, stomach, pancreas, liver and intestines.
  1. Surya Namaskar: This asana is a compilation of 12 asanas packed in two sets and is considered to be one of the best pranayamas. The reason is its aids chronic diseases, hypertension, anxiety, stress and lower back pain. It provides flexibility and enhances energy. If you are looking forward to a weight loss, this can work wonders.
  1. Utthanasana: This is a standing forward folded or bending pose which helps in anxiety and stress reduction. It relieves back and muscles pain and strengthen muscles. It is beneficial for the supply of blood to the brain.Yoga-Poses-and-their-benefits
  1. Baddha Konasana: Also known as bound angle pose this asana helps to relax hips muscles and provide relief in aching back. Those who have a problem with sitting down and for longer periods should opt this pose. When a person sits in an angle position as shown in the figure the sciatica nerve gets stretched which gets relaxed in a span of time and gets cured.
  1. Paschimottanasana: This is a forward bending pose which creates pressure from head to toe. Thus helps in height elongation and pelvic muscles strengthening that’s why it is recommended women after pregnancy to reduce belly and increase pregnancy.
  1. Eagle twist: Side to side spinal strengthening is the primary job of this asana therefore if you have back or lower pains go for it. It is done by twisting legs both sides one by one by lying down straight with both hands open

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  1. Sheershasan: Also known as head stand pose is very helpful for insomniacs i.e. those who have sleeping disorders. It boosts concentration and brainpower by increasing blood circulation in the brain for proper functioning.  Anyone can perform this asana especially those who have liver; a migraine etc. such problems should perform this regularly. Though I would suggest, you take proper precautions.
  1. Sarvangasana: This one has many healing properties like healing back pain, insomnia, dark circle, enhancing the facial beauty and also improves immunity. This asana helps in weight loss, proper functioning of liver, pancreas, etc. if done regularly treats many diseases.
  1. Ardha Halasna: This is a half plough pose, it is good for abdominal organs and weight reduction from targeted areas like thighs, stomach, and hips. This asana also treats constipation and cures indigestion. If you are suffering from stomach ache, digestion, bloating, belching, lack of appetite, arthritis, etc. this pose is perfect.
  1. Halasana: This asana increases flexibility and cures back and muscle pains. Known as plough pose this asana is a blessing for people suffering from indigestion and constipation problems. It’s an overall treatment for menopause symptoms, spinal cord strengthening, weight loss, diabetes, etc.
  1. Bhujangasana: If you want to lose weight then this pose is the best. Also known as cobra pose, this reduces fat from tummy, shoulders, chest and related areas. It increases metabolism and facilitates proper functioning of pancreas, liver, gallbladder and stomach. This among all Yoga Asanas improves blood circulation, strengthens spinal cord, headache and eliminated kidney problems.


  1. Pavana Muktasana: Digestive problems can be eradicated with the help of this pose. This pose helps in removing gasses thus aids in stomach bloating and belching hence also called as Wing removing Yoga Asanas. It cures back pain and strengthens the abdominal area.
  1. Utthanapadasana: This raised leg pose is good for stomach problems and back pain. Those who want flat abs should practice this daily. You can even do this by lifting one leg at a time. Arthritis, gastric problems, heart problems, waist and back pain, can be relieved by this asana.
  1. Vajrasana: Looking for a simple yet powerful asana then go for Vajrasana that can be performed before or after meals. Also known as Diamond pose this asana helps indigestion, acidity issues, and constipation. It is also good for joint and back pains, relieves stress and brings the mind back to stability.

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  1. Matsyendrasana: Also called Half twist yoga pose is helpful in increasing blood supply and proper function of lungs. It builds up spine and back muscles. It’s a great hip and joint pains buster. This asana is also recommended for diabetes, UTI (Urinary tract disorders), spinal disorders, cervical problems, and constipation.
  1. Balasana: This is a child pose which is incredibly simple in which you have to bend down as shown in the image. This pose stretches your muscles thus helping you in back pain and spinal issues. It strengthens joints, hips, and muscles. This is a calming pose and one of the Yoga Asanas which is not recommended for pregnant women and high blood pressure patients.

Yoga is not just about touching your toes.

It’s a great form of meditation which helps you in relaxing mind and soul. Different Yoga Asanas have different effects on our body thus you can practice them according to your need though some poses like Sheershasan etc., should be performed under supervision.

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