“Extremes are easy. Strive for a balance.” – Colin Wright

In an event held in Delhi in the month of February, General Nutrition Centre (GNC) announced their market plan to expand into the retail sector and also collaborate with the Guardian Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd., their official reseller. GNC is expanding their worldwide presence along with getting into the Indian nutraceutical industry with their specialization in health and wellness. As of now, GNC is operating in 50+ countries having around 9000 franchise. They also have guaranteed plans to enter the pharma store sectors along with the nutrition and supplement trade.


Modern-day issues are all majorly related to the lifestyle that we lead. But we often forget that our only investment is our own well being.  It’s important for all of us to seek the right balance in both our diet as well as our lifestyle. One significant step is to combat the lack and be aware of all the nutritional gaps to later fill them up effectively. And just in case you cannot think of a solution, GNC can help you with it.

To fulfill your needs and those missing supplements, General Nutrition Centre (GNC) has come up with a campaign to help the general public gain accurate information and the required solutions.

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Awareness Campaign – #FillingTheGap

#FillingTheGap is their step towards propagating the right scientific approach so as to fulfill one’s nutritional intake and also know about the benefits of a wholesome diet. It’s a campaign started in association with Guardian Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. to actively promote the need of the hour – Health and Fitness!

Trading into the nutraceuticals market, GNC highlights how it is important to take care of our everyday meals and include the necessary vitamins along with Omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics in our diet. Three main nutrients as per them are Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats that generate energy yet largely go missing in case of an incorrect lifestyle.

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The Panel Talks…

Mr. Manjot Kalra (U-19 cricket celebrity), Ms. Anita (Apollo Hospitals Chief Dietician) and Dr. Mukesh Goel (Apollo Hospitals Senior Consultant on Cardiovascular Surgery) along with Mr. Shadab Khan, Chief Executive Officer GNC India were a part of this panel. Experts from all spheres came together to speak about the poor quality living and how the inadequacies can be filled.

Considering our sedentary habits and lifestyles, there’s a need to make use of added yet natural supplements to not let the external factors affect our well being in a serious manner.

Our hectic schedules hamper our fitness and hardly leave any time for us to ease the stress. As a result, our aim must be to lower the difficulties associated with this on-the-go way of living and opt for a routine that aids healthier physical movements. Go for a balanced diet. Add the required supplements apart from what you gain from your food. Say no to processed foods. And reduce the possibilities of heavy exposure to diseases.

Have a scientific approach towards your beauty, health, and wellness. Choose the vitals and conclude with an absolute cure for your body!


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