7 Best Crochet Hairstyles You’ll Want To Try Every Season

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Those kinky long afro hairstyles are a go-to fashion trend as opposed to the usual (synthetic) crochet braid. These have been here for a while now. However, consistent changes have made the braids stand out with versatility. These fashionable crochet hairstyles will make you go all gaga! Half Bun Up - Half Hair...

10 Health Risks Of Snoring

Health Risks Of SNORING
The most irritating things you can face while sleeping is, sharing a bed with someone who snores. While snoring is commonly considered as a side effect of sleep, it is actually not just this and rather an indication of many underlying health problems. For someone who snores at night, it could be the most...

Follow These Five Simple Rules for Amazing Health

In the present scenario, you can see people opting for weight control diet, weight loss programs, and health rules for kids, health rules to live by, the rules of good health, healthy eating rules to live by and searching for various health and wellness program and alternative methods for amazing health. However, people spend money...

Bad Breath Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

Bad Breath
Bad breath is caused by several reasons among which, poor dental hygiene, dry mouth and reminiscents of undigested food particles. At times excessive tobacco usage and severe dieting can also cause bad breath. Apart from the above there are other several reasons to cause bad breath such as: Food particles including onion and garlic Vigorous...

Diet and Lifestyle

Diet and Lifestyle
Diet and lifestyle impact health of any individual and this is true in every aspect. It was also found that people having ups and downs in their regular lifestyle and diet tend to be prone to obesity disorders. But it is also a matter of surprise to know that, lifestyle and diet impact aging...

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