7 Diets for Healthy heart

Diet is the key factor of anyone’s life and controlling the same is equally important. There is a misconception in most cases about diet controlling as considered to be fasting. But fasting and diet control is as opposite as north pole and south pole. Here the whole point is about controlling the diet, which...

Diet and Lifestyle

Diet and Lifestyle
Diet and lifestyle impact health of any individual and this is true in every aspect. It was also found that people having ups and downs in their regular lifestyle and diet tend to be prone to obesity disorders. But it is also a matter of surprise to know that, lifestyle and diet impact aging...

1200 Calorie Diet Plan for Healthy Weight Loss

When it comes to dieting many of you opt for 7 days, 10 days diet plans that are temporary and when you switch on to your daily routine again your weight increases. The issue is not the food you eat, but it’s all about your calorie intakes and how many calories do you take...

Curcumin – Nature’s Best Gift To Mankind

Curcumin is an ingredient that is found in Turmeric and is one among the superfoods that can restore health with a number of qualities it has, similar to beet, kale, chia seeds and bone broth which are superfoods along with turmeric. Curcumin belongs to the family of “Ginger”, Curcumin contains anti-inflammatory components that can...

Foods to Eat When Pregnant

Are you pregnant? Waiting for the beautiful life that you are going to bring on this Earth? But, dear would-be mommy, you need to take care of yourself a lot as a little life is growing inside you slowly. You should have a good sleep, good nutrition and good rest for the good health of your...

Post Pregnancy Food

Are you waiting for the D-Day? Well, it's an awesome period for the would-be mothers. But just after the birth of your baby, you shouldn’t stop caring yourself. You should take care of yourself in every aspect like you'd have done while carefully choosing the food to eat during pregnancy. Especially while having nutrition. The nutrition taken during...

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