Are you waiting for the D-Day?

Well, it’s an awesome period for the would-be mothers.

But just after the birth of your baby, you shouldn’t stop caring yourself. You should take care of yourself in every aspect like you’d have done while carefully choosing the food to eat during pregnancy.

Especially while having nutrition.

The nutrition taken during this time is essential for the mothers and the baby.

Any women in this world after childbirth must once again give importance to have post-pregnancy food. There will be many questions running like what to have a diet after cesarean delivery and what not to eat after delivery.

Some of the new mommy also searches for food to eat after delivery of milk and post pregnancy diet while breastfeeding. Your mother and family members who have become moms may provide you valuable diet advises.

Your family doctor may chart you the best after pregnancy meal plan. You can also consult a physician for postpartum diet while breastfeeding.

The below article emphasizes on what to eat after giving birth and breastfeeding. It is advisable to consult with your doctor before you go for any post-pregnancy food plan.

Oats for healthy heart


The oatmeal is preferred when you still feel tired after natural childbirth. The oats are a very light meal and do not take much time to digest. You can feel your stomach is full with taking a glass full of cooked oats. They contain a rich source of fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals, which are essential for you and your newborn with breastfeeding.

  • Add few leafy greens and fresh mixed vegetables in small pieces to add more nutritional value and increase the taste of oatmeal.
  • Add oats in fresh boiled milk, put 2-3 teaspoon sugar, and drink early morning to boost your energy.
  • Add oats in the fermented rice batter and make crepe to eat oats in a different variety.

While making oats varieties, it is advisable not to add more spices like pepper, chili, and turmeric as it will not be good for breastfeeding mother and child.


Wheat Bread

You can keep wheat bread as a staple food in your home as the best postpartum diet. You can eat a 3-5 piece of bread, whenever you feel hungry, and there is no one to prepare food for you. The best part of wheat bread is you can eat them as it is without adding any curry and stuffing. 3-5 pieces of wheat bread can provide you excellent nutrition and stop your hunger too.

  • Make simple bread omelet and eat them as a breakfast
  • You can make a wheat bread sandwich with vegetable stuffing.
  • Dip the wheat bread in milk and eat them whenever you feel hungry.

The wheat bread is good for mother and child health. You can consume them by adding any dishes of your taste are the simplicity of the wheat bread present in your home for new moms.



Eat a boiled egg daily in the morning to bring that energy back into life. The egg is full of proteins and minerals, which are essential for breastfeeding mom and the breastfeeding child. You can try the below-mentioned egg recipes for a different taste.

  • Prepare simple egg curry by adding few tomatoes; curry leaves turmeric and chili powder.
  • Prepare scrambled egg and eat them while having lunch.
  • You can have egg in sweet form by making a pancake.

vegetables to eat during pregnancy

Fresh Vegetables

Consume more fresh vegetables daily by adding them to your dishes. It is advisable to cook food with mixed vegetables to get all essential nutrients from each vegetable. Consuming fresh vegetables is always good for the new mom and the breastfeeding child’s health.

  • Prepare mixed vegetable soup and consume them before a meal as an appetizer.
  • Add some pieces of mixed vegetables in all the culinary you daily make in your home.
  • You can eat vegetable sidings by cooking a particular vegetable daily and consume them to get its nutritional values.


Fresh Fruits

Drinking fresh fruit juice soon after a meal is very beneficial for new moms. It is advisable to get garden fresh fruits from your nearest fruit market and make fruit juice on the same day and drink. The vitamin C present in fruit juice is essential for the mother’s health.

  • You can make fruit salads and eat them for lunch and dinner.
  • You must drink fresh fruit juice soon after they are in juice form to get the nutritional values.
  • If you do not like to drink fresh fruit juice, it is advisable to cut them and eat in pieces daily.
  • You must rotate fruits such that you will get all major fruits available in a season and consume them fresh.



Sea fish is having more nutritional values than the fresh water fish. However, there are some fishes, which live in both the waters. The sea fish like salmon, Tuna and codfish have a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid. A single fish can provide you more proteins than eggs and vegetables of 100gms.

  • Prepare fish curry and consume them along with cooked whole grains.
  • You can prepare a single tune as a side dish in your dinner meals.
  • Make Japanese sushi and eat them for a different taste among fish culinary.
  • You can make salmon fish fry with olive oil and eat them weekly once.milk


Bone Joint pain is a major issue with some women after childbirth. This might be back pain (lumbar vertebrae) and knee joint pain. The milk is the best source to refill those calcium deficiencies soon after a woman delivers a baby. The milk does contain vitamins, minerals, and good for new moms to drink them daily or consume them as dairy products. The curd is also a good source of calcium.

  • Drink one full glass of boiled milk daily in the morning and night for better calcium intake by your body.
  • If you do not like to drink milk, you can indirectly consume them by buying dairy products.
  • You can add curd in culinary you make in your home to get calcium in more amounts into your body.
  • You can make yogurt and cheese in your home and consume milk in tastier form.

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