Things Mothers Can Do To Reduce The Risk Of Preterm Birth

Globally, newborns are possibly the most vulnerable population and particularly at risk are premature babies. At present, prematurity is the leading cause of death among children under five, the world over, and the main cause of disability and ill health later in life. According to a latest Lancet report, it is estimated that India...

Post Pregnancy Food

Are you waiting for the D-Day? Well, it's an awesome period for the would-be mothers. But just after the birth of your baby, you shouldn’t stop caring yourself. You should take care of yourself in every aspect like you'd have done while carefully choosing the food to eat during pregnancy. Especially while having nutrition. The nutrition taken during...

Foods to Eat When Pregnant

Are you pregnant? Waiting for the beautiful life that you are going to bring on this Earth? But, dear would-be mommy, you need to take care of yourself a lot as a little life is growing inside you slowly. You should have a good sleep, good nutrition and good rest for the good health of your...

Oral Health Before, During And After Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes mostly hormonal. These hormonal changes are linked with the oral health and slight imbalance can cause gum infections which may, in turn, affect baby’s development. Below are a few Oral Health tips that need to be followed and taken care of before, during and after pregnancy. When you...

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