Radon is the radioactive gas that amounts to cancer. It is found in the water, soil, and rock as well as in some building materials. It is tasteless and smells less. High level of radon can be found even in schools, home, and offices. It is found in both old and new building. It is found in the foundation of the house building. If the water supply is consisting of radon, it may enter the air through the appliances and pipes. After that, it is trapped in the house. It is sinking to the building lowest point and is found normally in the basement. Radon 222 and Radon 220 are found in the human environment.

Radon is used for medical effects in some spas. It is used to influence the chemical reaction. Thus, radon is highly dangerous gas that needs to be reduced, so as to ensure proper safety to the health of the human being. The higher the level of 4 pci the higher the chances of radiation of radon that are causing various lungs diseases. It is mostly found in the basement. In order to protect the people from the carcinogens, the safety measures need to be set.

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There are more chances of death due to the radon radiation. The risk of death carried out by the radon gas is increasing day by day. The emission of the radon gas is not simple. It is the radioactive gas that may result in the dangerous disease called cancer. It has no smell, no taste, etc. It is the important cause of various diseases in the US. There are more chances of radon radiation among the children. This is due to their higher rate of respiration. The same can be damaged by the radiation.

Radon gas contains highly radioactive elements in it. Radium is releasing the gasses that are harmful to the health of the human being. It is comparatively the heaviest gas. It is an unreactive inert gas. It can penetrate the materials like the paper, and leather, etc. Its molecules are very strong and having the power of reacting with the electronegative. It is one of the noble gas. The most common radon are the R 222 and the R 226.

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It is mostly found in the human environment. It is the dangerous gas as the excess of such gas causes various problems to the health of the human being. It is the last gas in the list of the noble gas. It is also called as the inert gas. When it is cooled at a temperature which is at the freezing point, it amounts to various changes such as the change in color and the phosphorescence emerges. It inhalation is harmful to the health of the human being. The calculation of lungs cancer has gone to 21000. Uranium and the radium consist of the radon gasses. The air should not contain the radon gas more than 4 pci.

If you notice any of the above signs at your home or office, please do the radon gas test.

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