Cochlear Implants : Why, When & How

Hearing deformities, in most cases can be solved using a simple hearing aid. One just needs to set the device it in the ear and he or she is good to go. However, in some cases, even the hearing aid does not help. In such cases, severe damages to internal hearing sensors are caused...

Best Calorie Counter App for Smartphone

The health conscious people across the globe always try to find how many calories they should eat, how many calories per day required and how to measure calories in the food they eat. This is because some calories in food do matter for everyone to stay fit. If you eat more than required calories, there...

Signs Of Radon Gas Poisoning

Radon is the radioactive gas that amounts to cancer. It is found in the water, soil, and rock as well as in some building materials. It is tasteless and smells less. High level of radon can be found even in schools, home, and offices. It is found in both old and new building. It...

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