Easiest Ways To Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

There are a lot of us who wants to lose weight and have tried many diets, routines, and even medicines, however, nothing worked. We all know that we need to be active physically in order to be in a great shape. People sign up for gyms, fitness centers, yoga classes etc but not many are...

The 1800 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Whatever you eat and your daily workout regime is interrelated in short weight loss, diet and exercise all are connected with a healthy lifestyle is customized appropriately. Some people say that they do exercise daily yet they are not getting desired results so for the answer lies in their consumption plate i.e. what they...

20 Best Different Types Of Yoga Asanas And Their Benefits

Since ancient time Yoga’s were practiced to keep one’s body and soul healthy. Yoga is the best form of meditation which relieves you from stress, obesity, and many diseases. “Yoga is the journey of self, through the self, to the self.” - Bhagvat Gita What is Yoga? It’s all about stretching your body and performing the different...

Control Diabetes Easily By Losing Weight

Control Diabetes Naturally
Diabetes is a long term condition that affects the body natural ability to modify carbohydrates and sugar into energy or in layman terms it causes high blood sugar levels. A research (Williams textbook of endocrinology) conducted a couple of years ago estimated that over 382 million people globally had Diabetes and yet there is...

Bad Breath Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

Bad Breath
Bad breath is caused by several reasons among which, poor dental hygiene, dry mouth and reminiscents of undigested food particles. At times excessive tobacco usage and severe dieting can also cause bad breath. Apart from the above there are other several reasons to cause bad breath such as: Food particles including onion and garlic Vigorous...

How to do Surya Namaskar for Weight Loss

Want to lose weight and have tried all sorts of workouts, diets, and even weight reduction pills, but nothing worked for you, so try Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar. Why Surya Namaskar for weight loss? Surya Namaskar comprises of 12 asanas which when done in fast pace comes under the category of power yoga which...

Follow These Five Simple Rules for Amazing Health

In the present scenario, you can see people opting for weight control diet, weight loss programs, and health rules for kids, health rules to live by, the rules of good health, healthy eating rules to live by and searching for various health and wellness program and alternative methods for amazing health. However, people spend money...

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